Standard Inclusions

[icon position=”icon-center” icon_size=”70″ title=”Engine Protection” image=”57519″][/icon][icon position=”icon-center” icon_size=”70″ title=”MDG15 & MDG41 Compliant” image=”57548″][/icon][icon position=”icon-center” icon_size=”70″ title=”Jump Start (CAT or Anderson)” image=”57550″][/icon]
[icon position=”icon-center” icon_size=”70″ title=”Wiggins Oil Evacuation Kit” image=”57551″][/icon][icon position=”icon-center” icon_size=”70″ title=”Hot Dipped & Galvanised Sub Frame & Mudguards” image=”57546″][/icon][icon position=”icon-center” icon_size=”70″ title=”Electronic Controller” image=”57534″][/icon]
[icon position=”icon-center” icon_size=”70″ title=”E-Stop” image=”57538″][/icon][icon position=”icon-center” icon_size=”70″ title=”500 Hour Service” image=”57552″][/icon][icon position=”icon-center” icon_size=”70″ title=”Electric Light Head Tilt” image=”57539″][/icon]
[icon position=”icon-center” icon_size=”70″ title=”H/Duty Wheel Chocks” image=”57533″][/icon][icon position=”icon-center” icon_size=”70″ title=”Battery & Start Isolation with Lockouts” image=”57553″][/icon][icon position=”icon-center” icon_size=”70″ title=”Hydraulic Telescopic Mast” image=”57540″][/icon]

Optional Extras

[icon position=”icon-center” icon_size=”70″ title=”Red Fuel Warning LED Beacon” image=”57567″][/icon]
[icon position=”icon-center” icon_size=”70″ title=”GPS System” image=”57568″][/icon]


Civil/Construction, Hire Fleets and Oil, Gas Sectors

Introducing the new 4HTM1500 Civil & Construction LED Lighting Tower that carries forward the Pit Master heritage in mining and delivers the same advantages to the Civil & Construction Industry as currently offered to the Mining Sector.

Built tough to operate under the harshest of conditions with extended service life, galvanised chassis and guards, additional wiring and hydraulic protection and additional options included as standard, the 4HTM1500 Pit Master LED Lighting Tower sets a new benchmark never before seen within the Civil and Construction Industry.

Lights:4 LED – H-Duty Pit Master PM112
Light Output: 4 LED – 168,000 Lumens (1,520W)
Tower Voltage:24VDC
Alternator: Direct Drive 24VDC
Engine: Kubota Z482
Fuel Capacity:130L (36.98 gal)
Fuel Hours: 4 LED – 163hrs
Wheel Size:4×4 Rims Off Road Tyres 225/75/R16
Total Weight (Wet):1,270kg (2,799lbs)
Boom: Hydraulic Telescopic Lift/Extension
Boom Rotation: 340 deg
Legs: Manual Pull Out and Pin Lock
Total Mast Height:9 metres (29.6 ft) ​


  • Over 50-70% reduction in fuel consumption
  • Refuel every 3 weeks (based on 4 LED head)
  • Extra Low Voltage (Electrocution Risk Eliminated)
  • Immediate Light Startup
  • Reduction in running & maintenance costs
  • 50,000 hour light life
  • 500 hour service interval (additional option)

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