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View and download schematic PDFs.


Pit Master Lighting Tower Manuals

Operation should cease if:

The user has replaced it's spare parts randomly.

Any safety device is incomplete or ineffective.

The operator's manual is not fully understood.

* For the most up to date parts references, please go to spare parts section.


The Pit Master Operator’s Manual is designed to guide you through the correct procedures needed to operate and maintain the Pit Master LED lighting towers.

The manuals “safety precautions” must be read and understood prior to operating the machine and it must be kept with the lighting tower at all times for later reference. In operating the machine you must follow this manual’s instructions and comply with all other relevant safety regulations. The user-friendly design of this lighting tower can help to ensure that your safety in loading, unloading, operation, and maintenance will be enhanced if all the steps are carried out in compliance with this manual.

The Pit Master Team is dedicated to a philosophy of “continual improvement” and the online manual will be updated regularly to ensure that the most up to date versions of the manuals are available for access by the user. Hard copy manuals will only be updated periodically as new versions are printed

As well as the Pit Master manuals, all technical, operation, updates and maintenance information can be accessed through the Technical section of this web site and new information will be updated regularly.

The Pit Master LED lighting tower should only be used within the operating range specified within the operating section of the manuals. Any use out of this range is prohibited and any consequence as a result of working outside these specifications is the user’s responsibility.

All replacement components must be as specified in the parts section of the manual and used as in accordance with the service manual. Failure to do this may void any/all warranty conditions and may result in a deviation from assessed engineering and safety specifications.