Power Storage Solutions

Pit Master offer hybrid power solutions which smartly integrate solar and battery storage to provide a reliable and efficient off-grid power supply.

By addressing the intermittency of renewable energy sources through a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), you can ensure a continuous electricity supply. This approach offers lower maintenance, reduced emissions, and significant fuel savings compared to traditional power setups.

BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems for uninterrupted power supply


Off grid power for Mining, Industrial & Construction sectors

Our comprehensive range of grid-scale BESS solutions includes everything from compact, containerised units to installations within dedicated facilities.

Tailored to fit the specific needs of each client, these solutions are designed to complement your existing power generation capacity, adapt to the available space, and suit the unique conditions of your region.

Whether you’re looking to enhance grid stability, increase renewable energy utilisation, or simply ensure a reliable power supply, our BESS solutions offer the flexibility and efficiency you need.

Offering significant operational benefits

Reliable power when you need it

Save on fuel & maintenance costs

Portable for fast deployment

Power overnight & during bad weather


Power solutions for your every need

Our comprehensive approach to power solutions emphasises sustainability, efficiency, and reliability.

By integrating advanced battery storage with solar energy and backup diesel generators and lighting towers, we deliver a power supply that is not only dependable but also environmentally friendly.

Our systems are designed to minimise emissions, lower noise pollution, and reduce operational costs, making them an ideal choice for off-grid construction, rural communities, and any operation looking to decrease its environmental impact and operational expenses.

Advantages of hybrid power systems:

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Lower overall emissions and noise pollution.

Modular & Scalable

Scalable to your energy demands, ensuring reliability and efficiency.

Perfect Off-Grid Solution

Ideal for remote locations.


Reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

Environmental Benefits

Reduce diesel generator run times.

Pit Master expertise in meeting the demands of challenging environments, has led to securing supply contracts with major international companies.